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Company profile

The Hamburg-based OZMARE (Olaf Zimmermann Maritime Engineering) is a technical &
consulting company in the shipbuilding industry. Specialized in ship theory, ship
hydrodynamics and in optimizing all kinds & size of ship designs.
Olaf Zimmermann has more than 14 years experience  in the shipbuilding industry.
SPT Ship Propulsion Technology GmbH was founded in April 2008 and renamed in
October 2010 into the legal form Olaf Zimmermann Maritime Engineering (OZMARE).
Key factors for OZMAREĀ“s success are flexibility, and independency from ship-owners,
ship-yards and sub-suppliers. This ensures that Olaf Zimmermann Maritime Engineering
can provide customers with the best technical, reliable and independent support.
Olaf Zimmermann Maritime Engineering is most probably the only company in the world,
who has supervised more than 300 model tests at 14 different towing tanks around the world.

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